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January 2022

Therapie und Prävention freier Radikaler im Ayurveda

Abstract: Free Radicals (FR) and reactive oxigen species (ROS) are destructive by-products of the advantageous aerobic metabolism. The lifegiving and destructive double effect of active oxygen is called "oxygen paradox".In proper balance, FR and ROS are compensated by enzymatic, anti-oxidant defence systems and radical scavengers. The "oxidative strain" based on an overload of destructive by-products of metabolism is not only created by nutritional imbalance and distress, but also by various environmental toxins. Due to lipid peroxidation, damage of structural proteins, enzymes, and nucleic acids, FR and ROS initiate more than 80 p. c. of all diseases and premature ageing.According to ayurvedic understanding, the ultimate cause of oxidative strain is man himself because of his "error of the intellect" disobeying the wholeness of cosmic, natural, and individual laws. Therefore the preventive and therapeutic strategies of Ayurved are multifold: intensive psychosomatic cures of purification and integration, enhancement of the healing and immune forces through selfreferral and transcending meditation, breathing and physical exercises as well as knowledge of behavior improving regeneration and nutrition according to constitution and situation.A complex range of effects is also found in the traditional rasayanas (means of rejuventation), among which Maharishi Amrit Kalash and M4 and M5 have been extensively tested clinically and in vitro by H. Sharma e. a. Their effectiveness as anti-oxidant is significantly higher than the one of those known. The potency of the synergistic herbal mixtures of M4 and M5 of scavenging radicals is 100 to 1000 times higher than the one of Vitamin C, Vitamin, E, and protocol, moreover they have a differentiating and growth-inhibiting effect on neuroblastoma cells, they decrease lung metastases, thrombocyte aggregation, depression, and they module opioid receptors and cellular immunity and have anti-neoplastic properties.

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