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January 2022

Geburtsschmerzbehandlung / Empirische Beobachtung: Akupunktur im Vergleich zur Epiduralen Anästhesie

Journal/Book: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur. 1996; 39/3: 51-53.

Abstract: Childbirth is painful. Because of pain women become afreid and nervous, therefore the period of birth becomes longer: Because of the long time lasting, the women are more and more afraid, they become weak and the birth is more painful and hard. Long lasting childbirth period is dangerous for the baby, therefore all must be done to reduce the pain and the nervousness. Acupuncture is a method with anestetic effect and to calm down people. During childbirth 11 women were treated with acupuncture. We could observe, that all of them had a positive result, as pain and anciety was reduced. There was no complication and no women needed the help of medication or operative extraction. We compaired the effect of acupuncture with that of epidural block and observed a better effect on the psychologic complaints, less pain reduction but a better cooperation during the explosive stage. After birth there were less complaints than after epidural-block. So we could persume that acupuncture is a good method for women in childbirth.

Keyword(s): Akupunktur, Epiduralanästhesie, Geburtsschmerz, psychische Situation.

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