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November 2022

[Experimental examinations about the influence of prosthetic therapeutic remedies for players on a wind-instrument as to the quality of the instrumental sound]

Journal/Book: Stomatol DDR. 1990; 40: 88-90.

Abstract: In 20 professional players on a wind-instrument (10 musicians on wood wind-instruments, 10 ones on brass wind-instruments) the condition was examined if there are significant connections between the meanwhile applied prosthetic therapeutic remedies (imitated by measuring bodies) and the instrumental sound produced by them. The sound quality was analysed as to the quality as well as to the quantity by an appropriate narrow band spectrometer, and a sound index was figured out. By this method we succeeded in demonstrating the use of a maxillary plate in the anterior third of the palate and that one of back-ground splints in the upper front tooth region of players on brass wind-instruments to cause significant sound changes. Additionally, a significant change in sound impression was stated by placing a maxillary plate into the middle of the third of the palate. Thus we succeeded to point out the prosthetic-critical zones of players on a wood wind- and a brass wind-instrument.

Note: Sektion Stomatologie des Bereichs Medizin der Kar-Marx-Universitšt Leipzig.

Keyword(s): Denture Design|. Music|

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