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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
November 2022

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Abstract: Emigration is now indigenous to the Irish way of life. It has gone on large unchallenged and undocumented. Recently Ireland has seen its largest emigration this century with up to seven out of ten young people leaving some parts of the country. The government facilitated this, as did the governments of America and Britain for their own reasons. I have observed two trends, on one hand both within Ireland and outside of it, Irish people have been reflecting on their identity on a scale that has no precedent, and the second trend is the increase in anti-Irish feeling due amongst other things to terrorist activities at home and abroad. My interest is in how we limit and confine ourselves in particular by our own unconscious imagery. I approached the London Irish Womens Centres about running a group - Guided Imagery and Music Group. The purpose of the group is to explore our identity as Irish women and how we carry that identify. Do we live creatively out of the whole of our identity or do we block part of that off? Is being Irish in England an enrichment or a burden. The paper details the structure of the sessions and the findings and the conclusions. This paper can be purchased from the BSMT, Price 8.00, together with others presented on the same day.

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Keyword(s): Guided-imagery, music-group, personal-construct-psychology, grid, computer-analysis.

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