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January 2023

The Tulving-Wiseman law and the recognition of recallable music

Author(s): Kaminska, Z., Java, R. I., Clarke, E. F., Mayer, P.

Journal/Book: Mem Cognit. 1990; 18: 632-7.

Abstract: Memory for well-known musical phrases was tested first for recognition in the absence of any specific musical context and then for recall given the preceding musical phrase as a contextual cue. Recognition and recall were found to be largely, but not completely, independent. Moreover, there was no evidence of any greater dependency between recognition and recall than that previously observed in the relation between word recognition and recall, as summarized by the Tulving-Wiseman law. These findings significantly extend the range of applicability of this law.

Keyword(s): Adult Association Learning; Attention ; Music ; Recall Human

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