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March 2023

Identification and discrimination disorders in auditory perception: a report on two cases

Author(s): Lechevalier, B., Viader, F., Lambert, J.

Journal/Book: Neuropsychologia. 1990; 28: 257-70.

Abstract: Auditory perception was investigated in two brain-damaged subjects. The first patient had a left temporoparietal ischaemic lesion. He presented a right-ear extinction in dichotic tasks, as well as difficulties in understanding and repeating verbal material and impaired identification of melodies. All discrimination tests were well performed. The second patient had a right capsulolenticular and frontal ischaemic lesion. He presented a left ear dichotic extinction and severe difficulties in discrimination of environmental sounds and melodies but no major difficulty in naming and identification. From these results, it is hypothesized that identification and discrimination involve distinct mechanisms within the processing of auditory stimuli, and that they may be selectively disrupted in brain-damaged subjects.

Keyword(s): Adult ; Anomia physiopathology; Auditory Perceptual Disorders diagnosis; Brain Damage, Chronic diagnosis; Cerebral Cortex physiopathology; Cerebral Infarction physiopathology; Middle Age; Music ; Neuropsychological Tests; Pitch Discrimination physiology; Tomography, X Ray Computed Auditory Perceptual Disorders physiopathology; Brain Damage, Chronic physiopathology; Dominance, Cerebral physiology; Perceptual Disorders physiopathology; Speech Perception physiology Case Report; Human; Male

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