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January 2023

Analysis of a little girl with an autistic syndrome. 36th International Psychoanalytical Congress (1989, Rome, Italy)

Journal/Book: International Journal of Psycho Analysis. 1990; 71: 403-410.

Abstract: Presents clinical material from the analysis of a 28-mo-old girl who developed an autistic syndrome as a reaction to a traumatic situation (violent abduction of the S's parents). Three aspects of the analysis are discussed: (1) the S's peculiar way of communicating (through musical tones or songs), (2) the use of this communication mode for a technical approach that involved song melodies, and (3) the social context in which the therapeutic process took place and its influence on the analytic field. The S's recovery is attributed to the good relationship with her parents before the trauma. (French, German & Spanish abstracts) ~

Note: musical communication during psychoanalysis; 2.3 yr old female with autistic syndrome in response to traumatic abduction of parents; Argentina; case report; conference presentation

Keyword(s): Psychoanalysis ; psychotherapeutic techniques; autism ; music ; emotional trauma; preschool age children; parental absence; professional meetings and symposia; case report; kidnapping ; childhood

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