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May 2022

Akupunktur und chronischer Tennisarm - Teil 1: Eine kontrollierte Studie zur sofort-analgetischen Wirkung der Akupunktur bei chronischem Tennisarm

Author(s): G. , B.

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/9: 684-692.

Abstract: The immediate analgetic effect of the acupuncture in case of the chronic pain due to tenniselbow has at 48 patients been investigated in a placebo-controlled study. New methodological recommendations for acupuncture studies were considered in designing the study. Before and after the treatment all patients were examined by an indipendent, unprejudiced investigator who was not identical with the acupuncture therapeutist. An 11-point box scale was used for measuring the pain. Patients of the verum group were treated with special distant points for pain of the elbow at the homolateral leg according to the rules of the traditional Chinese acupuncure; patients of the placebo group were treated with a placebo acupuncutre in which no prick was made into the skin. The average reduction of pain was in the verum group 55.8% (S= 2.95) only in the placebo group 15% (S= 2.77). After only one acupuncture treatment 19 of 24 patients in the verum group (79.2%) reported an allevation of the pain of at least 50% (placebo group: 6 patients out of 24). The average continuation of the analgetic effect after one acupuncture treatment was in the verum group 20.2 hours (S= 21.54) and in the placebo group 1.4 hours (S= 3.5). The results are statistically significant (p< 0.01); they show that the intrinsic analgetic effect of the verum acupuncture distinctly exceeds a placebo effect of the acupuncture.

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