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November 2022

Bioäquivalenz von Thiamin - Lipophiles und wasserlösliches Präparat im Vergleich

Author(s): Wolf, M., Möller, J., Heuzeroth, L., Grüneklee, D.

Journal/Book: Therapiewoche. 1990; 40: 1148-1154.

Abstract: The bioequivalence of thiamine in two therapeutical used vitamin preparations was tested in a group of 10 healthy males. Thiamine was administered either as lipophilic benfotiamin or as watersoluble thiamine mononitrate. The biokinetic data, given as A UC (area under the curve) ad Cmax (maximal concentration) in plasma and hemolysate, indicated a signifcant improved bioavailability of the lipidsoluble vitamin, although the oral administered dose was 60% lower than that of the watersoluble derivative. The superior cellular effectiveness of benfotiamin could also be deduced from the short-term stimulation of the thiamin dependent transketolase activity in erythrocytes.

Keyword(s): Benfotiamin

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