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June 2023

Naturstoffe in der Therapie stumpfer Sportverletzungen - heute noch zeitgemäß?

Author(s): Giannetti, B.

Abstract: Bruises and sprains in sports differ in localization, injured anatomic structures and extent of damage. Nevertheless they show common pathophysiological mechanisms, that allow to define a common "basic therapy" 'Together with the generally accepted physical treatments local and systemic natural and synthetic drugs are widely used. Topical agents are the most used preparations. In a great extent the drugs here in are natural ones-especially heparin, escine resp. extracts of horse chestnut, arnica and hyperaemic acting volatile oils. Escine resp. extracts of horse chestnut and flavonoids are the only systemically applied natural drugs of a certain importance. The clinical documentation of the relevant natural drugs nowadays are of different quality. To some extent the evidence of clinicalefficacy is not yet completely given.As a result of a general overview, treatment of sports injuries with natural drugs can provide a complete therapeutic principle, which has proved to be safe and effective.

Keyword(s): Stumpfe Traumen

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