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March 2023

Mate-Tea as an Aid to Weight Reduction

Author(s): Kessler, H.

Journal/Book: Natur- und Ganzheitsmedizin Wissenschaft und Praxis. 1990; 3/8: 252-258.

Abstract: A randomised parallel group test has been made in order to identify the effectiveness of Mate-Tea' when used as an aid to a weight reducing diet. 156 subjects, each with an overweight factor of 10% an the Broca scale, were tested, using three diets (fasting, potato diet and apple-rice diet), and this was compared to similar drinks over 15 days. In the case of the Mate test group the hunger feeling was highly significantly reduced after only the third day. Weight reduction among the Mate-Tea users was significantly increased after the 8th day. Furthermore, a clearly positive effect an their level of activity, their general condition and their sleep was observed. The time required to fall asleep was reduced, the sleep period was increased and their alertness in the mornings was clearly improved. There was a reduction of complaints such as headache, weakness and dizziness. The Mate group suffered less from thirst and the frequency of urination was slightly increased. No side-effects were observed.

Keyword(s): Mate-Tee

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