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December 2022

Allergien - Folgen von Umweltbelastung und Ernährung - Das Emstaler Konzept

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/2: 127-147.

Abstract: The environmental medicine, a qoung interdisciplinary branch, is becoming more and more important, although the value of the central role of this medical field is still not accordingly appreciated by relevant institutions. The increasing number of chronic diseases like allergies, chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases, psychic disorders and others requires to change thinking in medicine. Symptomatic therapeutical approaches and the large scale use of pharmaceuticals blocking immunoreactions, as for instance corticoids, will have to replace by therapeutical procedures serving, i.e. strengthening and regulating, respectively, the immune system. The Emstal concept: Diagnostic procedures in case of suspected environemt-related diseases: 1. Determination of pesticides and herbicides in the blood and urine. 2. Determination of minerals and heavy metals in the blood plasma and in the unseparated blood. 3. Immunological parameters/cellular immunity. 4. Provocation and neutralization tests (according to the methods of the clinical Ecology; according to Miller, USA). Therapeutic possibilities in case of environmental disease 1. Hyposensitization according to the methods of the clinical Ecology/ The neutralizing dosis, 2. Membrane protection by means of antitoxydants (selenium, Zinc, Gluthatione and others), 4. Germanium in case of polyvalent reactions of hypersensibility, 4. Rotation and elimination diet, 5. Inclusion of the home and sphere of living into diagnosis and therapy.

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