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December 2022

Obstipationstherapie - Die Erprobung einer neuen Kombination von Ballaststoffen (Plantago ovata/Laktulose)

Author(s): Vestweber, A., Bulitta, M., Kusch, J.

Abstract: The aim of this double-blind clinical pilotstudy was to investigate the influence of Lactulose and Plantago ovata compared to monosubstances Lactulose or Plantago ovata on the intestinal transit time.After one week of wash-out the following daily dose was administered to 10 volunteers over 14 daysGroup 1:10 g Lactulose mixed with 10 g Plantago ovata10 g Plantago ovata + 10 g Placebo Group 3:10 g Lactulose + 10 g Placebo.According to Hinton et al. the transit time clearly reduced by 18 % in group 1 (approximately 8 h 45 min) by 0.4 % in group 2 (approximately 1/4 h) and by 4 % in group 3 (approximately 2 h 35 min).This difference in time is of no statistical significance. The mean daily and individual feacal weight increased in all treatment groups, the highest increase was observed in group 1. The feacal frequence raised in the group treated with both drugs Lactulose/Plantago ovata from 1 to 1.18. The subjective tolerance in the 3 treatment groups revealed the following disturbing side-effects: flatulence, bloating and tenesmus.These symptoms showed an minimum increase in the combination group. The results achieved in this investigation showed a clear trend towards a shortening of the transit time in the combination group.

Keyword(s): Laktulose

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