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November 2022

Microbiological Therapy as Carefully Directed BacterialSymbiosis-Control

Journal/Book: Natur- und Ganzheitsmedizin Wissenschaft und Praxis. 1990; 3/10: 313-317.

Abstract: Man has a surface area of about 300 m2 (skin, digestive tract, respiratory tract) which is exposed to organic and inorganic factors of its milieu. On the boundary surfaces there are 400 to 500 different kinds of micro-organisms living in close interrelation with the macro-organism. Those micro-organisms fulfil essential functions for metabolism and for the immuno-defence. The impairment of the microflora caused by environmental noxae, food additives, and antibiotics creates ecological free spaces for the invasion of pathogenic transitional germs, potentally pathogenic locational germs, and typologically varied symbionts. The aim of a microbiological therapy is an harmonisation of the relationship between organism and microflora, the regeneration of the intestinal protective flora and thus of the immuno-defence. It is mainly indicated with diseases of the respiratory and of the digestive tract, with bacterial or mycotic overgrowths, iatrogenic damages, and auto-immune diseases.

Keyword(s): Mikrobiologische Therapie

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