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December 2022

Spezielle neuroembryonale Grundlagen für die komplementäre Akupunktur

Journal/Book: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur. 1990; 33/06: 124-128.

Abstract: When membraneous structures can be considered as connecting and acting structures in acupuncture, they can have this functional significance only in connection with the intercellular susbtances. Pischinger has described this "soft connective tissue", which is ubiquitous, as unspecific basic system within one of his so-called "theory on milieu". These statements are also confirmed by the embryology, where it was proven, that the intercellular substance is an unalterablemilieu for the expansion of the metabolic process. In this paper embryolic basics of the complementary acupuncture are presented according to Blechschmidt's diagnosis. These statements made it understandable, why we consider embryology as basis of a scientifically based acupuncture. Withe the knowledge of ontogenesis brings also new ideas and consequences for the medicamentous and physical therapy, as well as for gereral diagnostic and medicamentous medicine. Today it is necessary to approach acupuncture scientifically, to support acupuncture as a subject of instruction at the universities and to prevent damage by faulty amateur - or even self - treatment. This paper deals in detail with special neurological-embryologic basics of acupuncture and its efficacy, as it can be understood on the basis of embryolic diagnosis for the first time.

Keyword(s): Akupunktur, weiches Bindegewebe, membranöse Strukturen, Pischingers Milieutheorie, neuroembryonal, Ontogenese des Menschen.

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