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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
December 2022

Medizin und deterministisches Chaos

Abstract: The physiological functions of the organ" are connected in various ways with the biochemical reaction systems that can be located within or outside of the organs. In their normal state the biochemical reaction systems are characterized by a limiting cycle. The associated rhythmical clocked Processes of substance concentration and enzyme activities exert a regulatory influence on the physiological processes in the body. A pathological condition ensues when rhythmical dynamics in one or more of biochemical reaction systems is altered into an unfamiliar attractor.- The clocked series become chaotic and thereby cannot fulfill their regulatory function. The characteristic of this disease is the loss of temporal rhythmic regulation; the dynamics of the cells are chaotic.The neuronal tonal interplay which also regulates the circulatory functions is a regulatory parameter which is defined by the clocked quality of the intra-cellular,oscillation of the, rnetabolic reaction level. one of the therapeutic measures necessary, therefore, is to regenerate and stabilize this basic vegetative rhythm and/or the amplitude and frequency values of the viscosity of the nutritional substances located at the body cells so that initiative chaos can be prevented.Many questions both in theoretical and also in the are foundations still remain to be answered. Nevertheless, we should approach the problems at hand with confidence.

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