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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
June 2023

Elektrostimulation im Sport und ihre wissenschaftliche Erforschung

Author(s): Gomer, M.

Abstract: Technical progress and the latest theoretical knowledge in the fields of biophysics, biomedicine, psychology and neurology increasingly open unexpected prospects in the field of electrostimulation. The range of application is not only limited to the medicoclinical field, but it also includes psychotherapeutics, practical use (for example in sports medicine) on ä psychological basis and the "private user" (for example in supporting relaxation, concentration, capability to learn, etc.). Now, what about the scientific foundation concerning the mode of action and the efficiency of these instruments?This question implies three intimately related complexes of problems:1. Investigations based on scientific methods-,2. Determination of qualitative structures of action;2. Practical possibilities of how t(> verify these structures.In this connexion, a scientific study was carried out within the scope of a Gerrnan-Hungarian project at the Institut für Sport und Sportwissenschaft.

Keyword(s): Mind- oder brain-machines

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