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March 2023

Sport als Lebenshilfe. in der Krebsnachsorge- Ein ganzheitlicher Ansatz am Beispiel betroffener Frauen -

Abstract: More and more people as well as an increasing number of younger people suffer from cancer. At the same time, it becomes clear that the origin and the progress of the cancer are strongly influenced by psychic and social factors. Therefore, improvedmethods of the initial medical treatment are followed more and more by aftercare and rehabilitation of cancer patients. This report introduces the project ”Athletic activities during the cancer aftercare” practised in Heidelberg since 1986.Long-standing experiences with model groups in several federal states have shown that athletic activities, games and activities considerably contribute to rehabilitate the physical and mental stability of women suffering from cancer. Appropriate physical activities not only improve movements and by an operation, but also the general physical power; this in return strengthens the the self-assurance, helps to recover confidence a creates a positive consciousness of one's own body-thus restoring a part of the lost identity.A very important factor in this process are finally the mutual aid and the suggestions provided by the women concerned; they heIp the individual woman to cope with the illness especially by getting rid at least partially of the isolation caused by the illness.

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