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March 2023

Particularities and Selected Results in Homeopathy Research.

Journal/Book: Natur- und Ganzheitsmedizin Wissenschaft und Praxis. 1990; 3/11: 331-335.

Abstract: In homeopathy the choice of the medicament is led by the principle of individuality. This canses that patients who receive the same diagnosis in the eyes of traditional medicine generally get different medicaments. Research studies which test the efficiency of a therapy in randomised double blind studies with as big numbers of patients as possible are not suitable for homeopathy. The adequate approach is the single case study with numerous patients - and, with chronic diseases, over a sufficiently long period of time. In spite of these problems, in-vitro studies, tests with plants and animals, and clinical tests could prove the effects and the efficiency of homeopathical medicaments even by strict scientific principles.

Keyword(s): Forschungsmethodik

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