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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
December 2022

Die orthomolekulare Medizin setzt die Regulative in Gang

Abstract: The industrial revolution led to a, massive increase in population. Therefore new methods of farming were needed, The result was exploitation of products because of extensive grand utilization, artificial fertilizing and the creation of new cereals. This led to a clear alteration and substantial ion of our daily food - in the 19th century the natural food movement was initiated and only in the last decade has it been possible to place this emotional movement on a scientifically unobjectable basis. Orthomolecular medicine is an excellent example of one of the directions research has taken. It approaches the treatment of illness and maintainance of health with a new concept of the way the body works based on nutritional common sense and new knowledge of the ways the body uses nutrition. The article will give an overlook over the concept of orthomolecular medicine and will use some psychiatric diseases (schizophrenia, depression, dementia etc.) as examples to show the diagnostic approaches and methods of treatment.

Keyword(s): Orthomolekulare Medizin

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