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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
January 2023

Biophysikalische Allergietherapie- Grundlagen und Ergebnisse -

Abstract: Every substance in our cosmos has besides the material-chemical also an immaterial physical-informative component. As this component has electromagnetic qualities it can be treated like any other electromagnetic wave. The Bioresonance-Therapy uses this quality in order to transform the patient's own electromagnetic waves into therapy waves. C Smith could prove in numerous scientifically exact experiments that also in case of allergic reactions not only the allergy substance, but also the homeopathic potency and even their specific frequencies are already sufficient to cause allergic reactions.In the oscillation system of an allergic person seems to be some kind of biophysical "stamping" (engram) of a substance known as allergene which causes through contact the allergic reaction.This "stamping" can be cancelled by the Bioresonance-Therapy in confronting the patient with the exactly inverted oscillations of the allergene. This cancellation means for the patient that the substance known as allergene does not cause any further allergic reaction.

Keyword(s): Biophysikalische Information

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