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January 2023

Perspectives of the Demographical Development in the FRG

Journal/Book: Natur- und Ganzheitsmedizin Wissenschaft und Praxis. 1990; 3/6:

Abstract: The change of the birthrate in the FRG is, like that in all other western industrial countries, too, an a niveau which necessarily causes superannuation an decrease of the number of population. This has consequences especially the politics of retirement pensions. The causes for the decrease of the number of births can be found in changed habits of life and in changed life-condition people. Here the loss of function of marriage and the taking-over of so support and of retirement benefits by public welfare institutions must mentioned. To have children does not offer any material advantages, k particularly for women, rather disadvantages. The immigration of emigrants and of people seeking asylum can only delay the process of superannuation but it cannot stop it. For one, the absolute number of people immigrating is much too low for that - even if it is often considered too high already - and another, the new inhabitants live under the same structural conditions. The demographical development and the problems of retirement pensions can, the long run, only be improved by a higher rate of reproduction of the whole population. However, so far for this, politically efficient concepts have been missing.

Keyword(s): Altersstruktur

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