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December 2022

Grundzüge einer Regulationspathologie

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/11: 805-817.

Abstract: Regulation is the acting together of holistic processes in health and diseases with respect to the environment of an individual. The necessity of a regulation pathology results both from the historical development of the general pathological point of view and for mastering the actual problems of modern medicine. For this it is necessary to provide fundamental principles that are not familiar to the current cellular pathology. This is also the reason why methods of the regulation therapy, the neural therapy, the acupuncture etc., cannot be understood by the present classical medicine. The change to a regulation pathology means a reform of the still generally valid cellular pathology that in its basic view does no longer fully meet the problems with which modern medicine has to deal and that in spite of all merits of the past. The research of A. Pischinger and his associates can provide the basis for a general pathology which brings the regulation and above all the environment-related order maintaining and self-healing forces of the organism more into special prominence. As the result of own observation and experiences gathered over several decades in the medical practice with the behaviour of palpable chages of colloids the author is able to make a contribution to significant basic problems of a regulation pathology.

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