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December 2022

Efficacy of an extract of Kavaroot in patients with climacteric syndrome

Author(s): Pfänder, H., Gerster, G., Gracza, E.

Abstract: In a randomized double blind clinical trial the efficacy of a monopreparation containing an extract out of the Kavaroot was tested at 2 x 20 female patients with climacteric syndrome over a range of 12 weeks. To judge efficacy Kuppermann-Index, ASI-scale and a special diary for the patients were used. Further parameters were the number of patients breaking off the therapy and the possibility of reducing the daily doses.In the verum-group the differences in comparison with week 0 were already 4 weeks after beginning highly significant (p = 0,001). 12 weeks after beginning no statistical testing was able, because in the placebo-group only 6 patients remained. 14 patients had broken off the therapy within week 6 until 10 in consequence of absent effect. The verum group showed only 2 breaking offs. In the placebo-group all patients took 2 capsules daily until the individual end of therapy, whereas 11 patients of the verum-group reduced the daily dose down to 1 capsule daily within week 6 until 11. This is corresponding to an average of the daily dose of 43,5 mg Kavalactones in the whole verum-group at the end of the trial. A small lowering of the vigilance, for example in the morning were initial told by 5 verumpatients. Small side effects in the gastrointestinal region were told by 15% of the placebo-patients but only by 10 % of the verumpatients.

Keyword(s): Kavaroot

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