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November 2021

Veränderungen der neuromuskulären Erregbarkeit während Radon-Balneotherapie.(Changes in neuromuscular irritability during radon balneoterapy)

Journal/Book: Z Phys Med Baln Med Klim. 1987; 16:245-249.. 1987;

Abstract: Motor rheobase accomodative capacity and chronaxy were measured in 20 patients with reumatic disorders using electrical stimulation of the extensor digitorium and opponens pollicis muscles. In the course of spa treatment there was a significant decrease in rheobase accompanied by a marked prolongation of chronaxy. The accomodation curve had a wavelike shape. Findigs were more pronounced for the extensor digitorium than for the opponens pollicis muscle. Results suggest an increase in the irritability of the motor end-plate as well as changes in the subcutaneous tissue. The variations in accomodation demonstrated the sympathetic influence.

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