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October 2021

The Application of a Neuropsychological Knowledge Base in the Use of Music Therapy With Severly Brain Damaged Adynamic Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Author(s): Turnbull, G., Clare-O'Callaghan-B. S. W. , C. M. T. -and-Gemma-Turnbull-M. Sc.

Journal/Book: Australian Music Therapy Association Conference Proceedings. 1987; Australia. Australian Music Therapy Association 2/31 Abercrombie street 3103 Deepdene Australia. Collected Works.

Abstract: This paper aims to present a music therapy (MT) process as it applies to severely brain damaged multiple sclerosis (MS) patients whose main neuropshychological problem is adynamia, i.e., lethargy, passivity. The MT process comprises the principles and skills used to address patients' needs and to help them compensate for their deficits.

Keyword(s): neuropsychiatry, brain-damaged, multiple-sclerosis, head-trauma, dementia, Korsakoff's-syndrome, memory.

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