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October 2021

The influence of combining preferred music with progressive relaxation and biofeedback techniques on frontalis muscle

Abstract: Music, progressive relaxation and biofeedback have each been found to be an effective tool in the relaxation process. This study focused on the ability of subjects to relax the frontalis muscle during biofeedback-assisted relaxation training with preferred music incorporated into the procedure, Subjects for the study were clients who had been referred to the Biofeedback Clinic at the Dallas Diagnostic Association. Each subject was randomly assigned to one of three conditions: (1) preferred music with progressive relaxation and biofeedback; (2) preferred music with progressive relaxation only, followed by biofeedbach without music; or (3) no music, but progressive relaxation followed by biofeedback. The mean change of electromyographic (EMG) units was noted from pretest to posttest for the three conditions. These difference scores became the raw data used in the analysis. The results of a one-way analysis of variance revealed no significant differences among the three conditions, suggesting thet no one treatment was more effective than another. However, t-tests performed on the data of 59 subjects revealed that statistically significant differences (p < .05) existed between the pre- and posttest means, indicating that the three conditions produced significant mean decreases in EMG levels across pre- to posttest readings. This implies that although music did not appear to enhance a subject's ability to relax the frontalis muscle, it did not have a negative effect on tension reduction. The overall subjective reaction of subjects exposed to music was positive.

Note: frontalis-muscle.

Keyword(s): preferred-music, relaxation-training, biofeedback, electromyography.

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