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December 2021

Use of music to increase verbal response and improve expressive language abilities of preschool language delayed children

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1987; 25: 73-84.

Abstract: Describes how the social psychological constructs of attribution theory and learned helplessness may promote lifelong skill generalization. Implications for current music therapy services focus on how these constructs may refine the therapy process with respect to reinforcement techniques and contrivance. It is suggested that for successful experiences, an internal locus of control should be stressed in feedback; for experiences that present difficulties, feedback should emphasize an external locus of control. It is argued that music therapists can assist their clients to develop a realistic sense of their abilities and to learn how to deal effectively with the realities of society using these constructs.

Note: attribution & learned helplessness theories; skill generalization; implications for music therapy

Keyword(s): Music therapy; generalization learning; social psychology; attribution ; learned helplessness; theories

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