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October 2021

Automated contingent reinforcement of correct posture

Author(s): Clegg, J. C., Bailey, J. S.

Journal/Book: Res Dev Disabil. 1987; 8: 15-20.

Abstract: This study evaluated the effectiveness of a mercury switch as a self- monitoring device to improve the sitting posture of an adult male. The participant in this study was a 31 year old man who was blind, nonambulatory, and who had been classified in the moderate range of intellectual functioning and in the severe range of adaptive functioning due to physical impairments. After determining that music practice and listening to a game show on the television channel of a radio were powerful reinforcers, a multiple baseline across the two reinforcing activities was implemented. The participant wore a mercury switch inside of a baseball cap which activated a Casio keyboard during music practice and a radio during the independent leisure activity of listening to a game show. During the treatment condition, the keyboard and radio were activated automatically by upright sitting posture. Results indicated that the participant's sitting posture increased from an average of almost 0% correct upright posture during baseline to an average of 52% during treatment.

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Keyword(s): Adult. Behavior Therapy/instrumentation. Case Report. Electronics/instrumentation. Human. Male. Mental Retardation/rehabilitation. Posture. Reinforcement (Psychology)

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