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October 2021

The effects of a music stimulus environment versus regular cafeteria environment during therapeutic feeding

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1987; 23: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. National Association for Music Therapy 8455 Colesville Rd., Suite 930 20910 Silver Spring, Maryland USA. journal article.

Abstract: This study compared elapsed feeding times in a school cafeteria with elapsed feeding times in a sound controlled environment in which music was used as a noncontingent background stimulus. The feeding trainers' perceptions were surveyed to assess their feelings concerning the environmental manipulations. As an independent part of the experiment, an oral function evaluation was conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of the therapeutic feeding program. Subjects were five severely handicapped students. Under the control condition, subjects were observed in a cafeteria setting and elapsed feeding times were recorded. The experimental treatment involved noncontingent background music during feeding training. Results showed no significant increase in mean elapsed times during the experimental period; however, three of the five subjects demonstrated approximately a 20% or more increase in elapsed times during the music condition. A test of oral functioning showed a mean increase of around 4% in the groups' scores.

Keyword(s): musical-stimulus, effects, music, environment, therapeutic, background-music, severe-disabilities, feeding, cafeteria-environment.

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