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October 2021

Behandlung psychovegetativer Beschwerden in der allgemeinmedizinischen Praxis

Author(s): Marx-Bertino, D., Suter, K., Schlichenmaier, G., Weyers, W.

Journal/Book: Therapiewoche. 1987; 2: 955-959.

Abstract: A controlled open clinical-study has been carried out in three medical surgeries with a total of 50 patients, aged between 21 and 87 years, in order to test the effectiveness and tolerability of a homeopathic preparation (Metaneuron drops) in c se of anxiety and tension, sleep disturbance, general nervousness and psychovegetative complaints.During a treatment of an average of 25.7 days the patients received 3 x 15 to 3 x 40 drops Metaneuron per day. In most of the cases the medical practitioner in charge (78%) and the patients (92%) rated the effectiveness of the drops as 'good' to "very good'. The preparation has shown to be very well tolerated by 96% of the patients. No secondary effects have been noticed, only one patient reacted to the treatment with increasing restlessness and anxiety.For the objectivation of the measurements, the two halfforms of the "Beschwerdeliste Zerssen" have been used f or the before- and after-rneasurements. The inference-statistical evaluation showed a highly significant (p < 0.001) difference between the two measurements with a very high effect size, which serves to prove the clinical assessment of the effectiveness of the preparation.

Keyword(s): Psychopharmaka

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