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October 2021

Immunstimulation mit Echinacea D4 bei leukopenischen Infekten

Author(s): Naumann, H.

Journal/Book: therapeutikon. 1987; 1: 56-61.

Abstract: Viral infections produce a variety of unspecific Symptoms. This Syndrom manifests itself differently in each individual patients, as it does not express all the Symptoms in each case. Besides these symptomes often an infirmity of the immunocompetence, expressed by a leucopenia can be seen.When the number of leucocytes is reduced, treatment with Echinacea D4 i.m.once aday 2 ml for three days shows a significant increase in total leucocyte count. 7his increase is accompanied in more than 80% of cases by an improvement in general health status. In the same manner, the duration of the disease is shortened to four days maximum, irrespective of the length of the infection before therapy with Echinacea D 4.No adverse reactions have been experienced and no drug interactions be Seen during therapy with Echinacea D 4 i.m.

Keyword(s): Immunsystem

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