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October 2021

Der Neomystizismus in der Medizin. Beispiel Hom÷opathie

Journal/Book: Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift. 1987; 137(23): 542-548.

Abstract: The revival of neomysticism, especially promoted by nonqualified representatives of press and tv, leads to a worldwide trend to homoeopathy, acupuncture, herb-cure, Christian-Science, and to many others. According to the comprehensive publications of Prokop, the successful treatment by paramedical methods are due to placebo and self-healing. The statements of paramedical representatives will be accepted by the public, if representatives of science do not offer adequate criticism. Successful healing by any kind of treatment--e.g. of disturbances of well-being--is well established. Representatives of paramedicine applying "mystical treatment" to humans are obliged with necessity to explain success as "mysticism". In any case it is unwise to use the basis of natural science to explain mystic phenomena, as the representative of paramedicine--and occasionally a "mystic-oriented" representative of natural science--proves his lack of sound judgement.

Keyword(s): Neomystizismus

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