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December 2021

Electroacupunctogram: a new recording technique of the acupoint potentials

Author(s): Pruna, S.

Journal/Book: Medecine Interne. 1987; 25(1): 67-76.

Abstract: The monitoring of the bioelectric activity of acupoints by means of electroacupunctogram (EAG) represents a direct and precise recording technique of the acupoints functional state. The EAG recording is done by introduction in the acupoint at corresponding depth of a standard silvered-steel electrode-needle and the measurements are made bipolar, i.e., versus a reference electrode. Useful information can be obtained by studying the difference in the electroacupoint potential in the following conditions: during introduction of the electrode-needle into the acupoint; after mechanical stimulation (by rotation) of the electrode-needle; after indirect heating of the acupoint; after deep breathing of the subject; by shunting the point investigated with a homonymous acupoint. The paper is based on the analysis of the EAG traces recorded in 112 apparently healthy subjects and in 230 patients affected by different diseases.

Keyword(s): Action-Potentials

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