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October 2021

Effects of drinking cures an the water and electrolyte excretion in renal stone formers

Journal/Book: Urol. Res. 14: 92-93 (1986). 1986;

Abstract: Conference Secretary: R. M. Schaefer M.D. Urologische Universitätsklinik Bonn (FRG) Institut für Kurmedizinische Forschung Bad Wildungen FRG The balneologic treatment of urolithiasis traditionally includes drinking cures with natural mineral water e.g. Ca-Mg-HCO3-waters. Because of the increased nightly risk of stone formation (cf. Vahlensieck et al. 1982) we examined in a first study the influence of two Ca-Mg-waters on the circadian variations of the urinary volume and composition in two group: of 8 healthy male subjects under equally distributed food intake. Comparing the nightly Ca- and Mg-concentration after drinking 4 portions of 350 ml of mineral water with the concentration values after the same amounts of tap water the Mg-concentration was signifantly increased (x-= 3.95 mmol/l; sM = 0.24 versus x-= 2.91 mmol/l; sM = 0.25; n = 16; p < 0.01). The increase of the Mg-concentration exceeded the increae of the Ca-concentration (x-= 6.05 mval/l; sM = 0.50 (mineral water) x- = 5.31 mval/l; sM = 0.61 (tap water) n = 16; n.s.M). . . . .

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