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October 2021

Transformations of Consciousness

Author(s): Engler, J., Brown, D.

Abstract: A "!first book" on meditative techniques in connection with psycholgical theories, "not a final theory, the beginning of this era's voyage insofar as in incorporates the "transpersonal" view of the diciplined use of contemplation". (ix) Contents: 1. Jack Engler: Therapeutic aims in psychotherapy and meditation 2. Mark Epstein & Jonathan Lieff: Psychiatric complications of meditation 3. Ken Wilber: The spectrum of development 4. Ken Wilber: The spectrum of psychopathology 5. Ken Wilber: Treatment modalities 6. Daniel Brown & Jack Engler: The stages of mindfulness meditation: A validation study. Part I: Study and results 7. Daniel Brown & Jack Engler: The stages of mindfulness meditation: A validation study. Part II: Discussion 8. Daniel Brown: The stages of meditation in cross-cultural perspective 9. John Chirban: Developmental stages in Eastern orthodox Christianity Most chapters hvae been published separately in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology

Note: Brown and Wilber represent different approaches to contemplation within a "full-spectrum" model of human growth and development. Brown emphasizews the information processes of mind, while Wilber emphasizes the schematization process of themind concerning the position of self to information (using the ORT approach to representations of self and others). Classifications of techniques and problems are suggested - in order to answer the question: "which segment of a population is ready for what level of practice"?

Keyword(s): Meditation. Contemplation. Object relations. Self psychology. Transpersonal psychology. Spectrum psychology

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