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October 2021

An investigation of the ability of VISCUM ALBUM- activated granulocytes to regulate natural killer cells in vivo

Journal/Book: Clin. Tri. J. 23 (6), 345-358. 1986;

Abstract: The chemiluminescence (CL) responsiveness of polymorphonuclearleukocytes (PMN), natural killer (NK) activity and frequency of largegranular lymphocytes (LGL) were investigated at various times in theperipheral blood of 16 breast cancer patients during treatment withIscador, a Viscum album preparation. The aim was to monitor itsimmunomodulatory effect. After a single infusion of Iscador, PMNresponses, NK activities and LGL frequencies increased significantly.The extent of the increase in these three parameters correlated in allpatients, however there were considerable differences in kinetics. Sixhours after Iscador infusion, decreases in NK and LGL values wereobserved, which paralleled the enhancement of PMN responses; 24 hourslater, after the decreases in PMN responses, significant increases in NKfunction and LGL level were observed. These data support the results ofother investigators, that PMN may play an important role in theregulation of NK function. Nevertheless, CL assay of PMN has prognosticimportance and together with LGL determination in blood may give arelatively easy, reliable and reproducible examination for monitoringvarious immunotherapeutic interventions.COPYRIGHT BY Elsevier Science BV, Amsterdam, Netherlands END OF DOCUMENT

Keyword(s): chemoluminescence

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