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November 2021

Rezidivierende Candidiasis. Adjuvante Immuntherapie mit verschiedenen Echinacin-Darreichungsformen

Author(s): Kühnast, R.

Journal/Book: Therapiewoche. 1986; 36: 33.

Abstract: By a comparative study we examined the influence of an Echinacee purpurea extract (Echinacin) as an immunostimulating agens in order to test the frequency of recidives of candidal mycosis. In all cases econazole nitrate cream has been applied for local treatment about six days. In addition to that the cell-mediated immunity has been inquired by means of a cutaneous test (Multitest-Merieux). This happened before the therapy has been started and also two and ton weeks later. This test revealed score-values of about 5 mm (so called alarm-score) before treatment. An unspecific immunotherapy with Echinacin ampoules (i.m., i.v., s.c.) was additionally to local therapy applied and improved the skin reaction significantly within two weeks. The second control ten weeks after starting the treatment showed a statistically significant normalisation of cellmediated immunity too; also in patients who have been treated orally by Echinacin drops. The frequency of recurrence rate in patients who were only treated locally by econazole nitrate was very high (60,5%), but it succeeded to reduce this rate of values between 5% and 16% (according to the form of application) in patients treated by unspecific immunostimulation with Echinacin.

Keyword(s): Rezifivierende Candidiasis

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