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October 2021

Die Beinflussung des Wärmehaushalts durch regelmäßigen Saunabesuch von Schulkindern als Teil einer Prophylaxe gegen akute respiratorische Infekte

Author(s): Eisermann, P., Steglich, H. -D.

Journal/Book: Vortrag: Utrecht. 1986; 5-8.

Abstract: The influence on the heat balance by regular sauna visits of schoolage children as part of a prophylaxis against acute respiratory infections.A class of 27 pupils from 9 to 10 years old has been examined continuosly during a scholar year, aiming to analyse the stabilizing effect of regular saunabathing on the frequency of cold infections. 15 children went to the sauna once a week, 12 children desisted. Apart from the appearance of cold infections concerning the absencedays, the test acral re-warming has been examined every 4 weeks. This test serves to determine the reaction velocity of the acral circulation on a cold test stimulation.It appeared that already 9 weeks later the children frequenting the sauna regularly fell less often sick. The number of school absence days amounted to only 55 compared with 107 days in the control group. Also comparing to the anmount of school absence days of the proceeding scholar years, a 50% decrese of the absence days could be revealed. The acral vascular reaction developed 8 weeks later, in contrast to the control group, significantly faster. The so-called velocity of temperature change doubled. The children proved to be without reservation cooperative saunabathers.

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