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October 2021

Reflextherapeutische Erfahrungen bei vasomotorischen Kopfschmerzen und Migräne

Journal/Book: Zeitschrift für Physiotherapy. 1986; 38 (2): 89-94.

Abstract: The non-medicamentous treatment of headache and common problem of physiotherapy and psychotherapy. The aimed reflex therapy, which coordinates itself to physiotherapy, and here particularly acupuncture proved very effective and relatively undangerous. By ist means in muscular tensions, vascular disturbances, psychovegetative liability as well as in hormonal dysfunctions and hypersensitivity to changes in wheather conditions a partial causaltherapeutic influence in functional headaches is possible. By reflex-therapeutic and acupunctural diagnostics still other disturbing factors (e.g. in the locomotor system and fixing system, fields of disturbance, organ dispositions, influences of constitution) may be detected, which can be influenced by the manual therapy, neural therapy, acupuncture, dietetics, kinesitherapy and others. A tenyear experience with the combined reflex therapy and partial additional psychagogic, psychotherapeutic management in 688 patients with headache confirm by a success rate of 91% the reflex-medical approach in the sense of a psychosomatic consideration of the functionally disturbed.

Keyword(s): Reflextherapie

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