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October 2021

Laborchemische Diagnose und Therapiekontrolle der Amanitinintoxikation unter Silibininbehandlung

Author(s): Hruby, K., Benesch, B., Bauer, K., Jahn, O.

Journal/Book: Intensivbehandlung. 1986; 11: 170-175.

Abstract: Laboratory diagnosis and surveillance of amanitin intoxication during silibinin therapy. By the aid of two exemplary cases of intoxication with Amanita phalloides the practical relevance of some methods of laboratory diagnosis and surveillance during silibinin infusions is evaluated. Beside the routine tests for glutamatepyruvate-transaminase (GPT) and prothrombin time (PT), prealbumin (PA), retinol-binding protein (RBP) and serum ammoniac were determined. PA and RBP proved to be very useful supplementary parameters for the estimation of the liver dysfunction in clinical practice. Amanitine could be detected in urine samples up to the seventh and eighth day, respectively, post ingestion. However, the toxin was not detectable in the patients' serum. The therapeutical influence of silibinin which becomes effective immediately after commencement of the treatment was clearly demonstrable by the course of the GPT. The administration of silibinin within 60 hours after the mushroom meal caused an immediate cessation of the GPT - increase as well as a rapid normalization of the other laboratory values.

Keyword(s): Amanitinintoxikation

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