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August 2022

Dr. Gustav Richard Heyer (1890-1967) - Historical Highlights

Journal/Book: Musiktherapeutische Umschau. 1985; 6: STUTTGART. G. Fischer Verlag. 163-170.

Abstract: The psychotherapist Dr. Gustav Richard Heyer (1890-1967), a doctor specializing in internal medicine and neurology, is well known in medical circles not only for his clinical experiments into organic neuroses and his numerous publications on the subject, but also as one of the speakers, motivators and organisers of the "Lindau Psychotherapy Weeks". It is less well known that Dr. HEYER, in close cooperation with the music therapist Professor P:F.SCHERBER and the breathing and sound therapist C. VEENING, was also very influential as one of the sponsors and precursors of modern music therapy. Within the framework of our review of the early days of music therapy in this century it is particularly interesting to note that as far back as the 1920s Dr. HEYER was advocating a music therapy both integrative in its approach to relative areas (such as psychotherapy or breathing and movement therapy) and capable of combining readily with other forms of therapy. In its time this approach was sensationally new and bold, a pioneering piece of work which contained the germ of what is still today one of the main aims of good music therapy training.

Keyword(s): Review, Lindau-Psychotherapy-Weeks, integrated-music-therapy.

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