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January 2022

La metanoia di Dioniso. Nietzsche contra Wagner. (Dionysian metanoia: Nietzsche versus Wagner.)

Author(s): Saraceni, Michela

Journal/Book: Giornale Storico di Psicologia Dinamica. 1985; 9: 25-47.

Abstract: Discusses, from an analytical psychologist's viewpoint, the psychodynamics of the relationship between Nietzsche and R. Wagner and its philosophical and psychological basis. The roots of Nietzsche's genius and psychopathologies as progressively revealed in his works are explored. The Dionysian element in Nietzsche's personality drew him toward Wagner, in whom he mistakenly perceived a kindred spirit but subsequently criticized and rejected, and allowed for many psychic and intellectual transformations in his personality. Wagner's music and artistic statements, on the other hand, reveal continuity of psychological and philosophical premises. (0 ref)

Note: psychodynamics & philosophical & psychoanalytical interpretation of relationship between Nietzsche & R. Wagner

Keyword(s): Psychoanalytic interpretation; psychodynamics ; philosophies ; music ; psychohistory ; artists

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