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January 2022

A study of erythrocyte membrane proteins and urinary polypeptides in conga drumming haemoglobinuria

Author(s): Khaleeli, A. A., Griffiths, B. L., Edwards, Y. H.

Journal/Book: Clin Sci. 1985; 69: 105-8.

Abstract: The erythrocyte membrane proteins and glycoproteins and urinary polypeptides have been examined in a patient exhibiting intermittent pigmenturia associated with conga drumming. Significant excretion of haemoglobin, albumin and probably erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase but not myoglobin occurred during the acute phase of the conga drumming-induced pigmenturia. This usually ceased within 24-48 h. We found no evidence of aberrant erythrocyte membrane components on electrophoresis with either protein staining or a range of 125I-labelled lectins used for detection.

Keyword(s): Blood Proteins|ME. Dancing|. Erythrocyte Membrane|ME. Hemoglobinuria|ET/ME. Music|. Peptides|UR

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