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December 2022

Musiikkiterapian teoriaa kohti. / Some thoughts about theory and practice of music therapy

Journal/Book: Psykologia. 1985; 20: 411-416.

Abstract: Discusses the origins, principles, and application of music therapy (MT). Music, a tonal analog of emotional life, is considered a form of auditory thinking that can be emotionally "truthful" in a way that language cannot. Psychoanalytic theory of MT relates the healing power of music to the acoustic-emotional experiences of very early childhood and to the auditory thinking that is characteristic of this period. The healing power of MT is derived from nonverbal patient-therapist communication using musical material. A patient can break through problems and express inner thoughts and feelings with MT that could not be related or understood with language-based therapy (H. Kohut, 1971, 1977, 1984). Using musical material, the skilled therapist can understand or share in the "existence" of the patient's life, which usually is very important in the healing process. The individual's personal growth is considered the main objective of MT training. (English abstract) (22 ref)

Note: principles & applications of music therapy; personal growth

Keyword(s): Music therapy

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