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January 2023

Modern consciousness research and human survival. Ninth Conference of the International Transpersonal Association (1985, Kyoto, Japan)

Journal/Book: ReVISION. 1985; 8: 27-39.

Abstract: The author discusses experiential research he has conducted using psychedelic drugs and nondrug techniques that suggests that the traditional biographical model used in psychoanalysis is superficial and inadequate to describe the broad spectrum of important experiences that became available through these techniques. It is necessary to create a new model of the psyche that is much more extensive than the one generally accepted in academic psychiatry. In addition to the biographical-recollective level, the new cartography includes the perinatal realm of the psyche focusing on birth, death, and the transpersonal domain. The experiences of the biographical, perinatal, and transpersonal categories are readily available to most people through sessions with psychedelic drugs; various forms of experiential psychotherapy using breathing, music, dance, and body work; and dreams. Laboratory mind-altering techniques, such as biofeedback, sleep deprivation, sensory isolation, or sensory overload, and various kinesthetic devices can also induce many of these phenomena. (23 ref)

Note: consciousness research using psychedelic drugs & nondrug techniques & perinatal & transpersonal realm of psyche; conference presentation

Keyword(s): Consciousness states; experimentation ; psychedelic experiences; birth ; death and dying; humanistic psychology; adulthood ; professional meetings and symposia

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