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January 2022

The effect of music in BKR intensive play - a teaching method for profoundly mentally handicapped preschoolers.

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of music in a recently developed teaching method, BKR (Bradtke, Kirkpatrick, & Rosenblatt, 1972) intensive play. Subjects were five profoundly handicapped preschoolers who exhibited behavioral deficiencies. A reversal design was used observing the subjects under three conditions - baseline, intensive play without music, and BKR intensive play with music. Behavioral tasks specific to each subject were chosen from three categories of expressive language, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. The behavioral tasks were tested at the end of each session. Results indicated no dramatic difference between the success of learned behaviors in intensive play without music and BKR intensive play with music. The educational method of intensive play did produce positive results in all behavioral areas tested, and a comparison of the means indicated that music was somewhat better. From observations of the subjects during the sessions and self-report of the experimenter, the music appeared to positively enhance the learning situation.

Note: BKR-Intensive-play.

Keyword(s): developmental-disabilities, preschool, children, severe-mental-retardation, play-therapy.

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