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August 2022

Abstracts of Diploma Theses from Music Therapy Students Qualifying in 1985 in Heidelberg

Author(s): Rupprecht, A., Koch, H., al. , et

Journal/Book: Musiktherapeutische Umschau. 1985; 6: Stuttgart. G. Fischer Verlag. 329-334.

Abstract: ALT,U.:Aspects of Co-therapy in Music Therapy; RUPPRECHT,A.:The Integration of Music and Theatre in Psychotherapeutic Work with Children;KOCH,H.:Partings in Music Therapy; BRANDENBURG,S.:The Power of the Therapist in Music Therapy; SORG,F.:Creativity - Meaning, Forms of Appearance and Possibilities for Stimulation through Therapy;SCHEU;F.:Possibilities and Limits of the use of Relaxation Training in Music Therapy; JÄGER,U.:Features of Musical communication in Free Improvisation; RETTNER, A.:Music Instruments ans Means and Possibilities of Emotional Expression in Music Therapy; KULENKAMPFF;U.:The Nature of Fear in Childhood; JESSE;H.:"The tin drum" - Attempt at a Depth Psychology Examination of Musical Structures; KNAPP;G.: Female Music Therapists - Present Understanding of their Role; GREISSMAIER,B.:Self-Experience in Training to be a Music Therapist; OCHS,C.:Anton Webern, Personality and Work around 1913, Attempt at a Confrontation; BAUMANN,M.:Improvisation in Contemporary Music and in Music Therapy - a Confrontation; GÜSS,M.:Aspects of Power in Individual Out-Patient Music Therapy; FöRSTER,B.;MARX,A.;RUMMEL,R.;

Keyword(s): Diploma-theses.

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