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December 2022

A multielement analysis of contingent versus contingent- interrupted music

Author(s): Bryant, M. C.

Journal/Book: Appl Res Ment Retard. 1985; 6: 87-97.

Abstract: A multielement design was employed to evaluate the comparative effects of contingent music and contingent-interrupted music procedures. Two profoundly mentally retarded children who attended a community day training center participated. During the contingent music procedure, access to brief periods of listening to music was contingent upon the display of a specified criterion of appropriate behavior. Alternately, during the contingent-interrupted music procedure, access to music was provided at the beginning of the session, and it remained on until an inappropriate behavior occurred. The two procedures were implemented to decrease crying and increase unsupported sitting. The multielement design required that each procedure and a baseline condition be alternated across sessions. Results demonstrated that the contingent-interrupted music procedure was more effective for both reducing crying and increasing proper sitting. Implications for research with music as a reinforcer were discussed.

Keyword(s): Mental Retardation|RH. Music|. Reinforcement (Psychology)|

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