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January 2022

Behandlung des Morbus Crohn mit Colibiogen - Zelluläre Reaktionen des Immunsystems bei Patienten mit Morbus Crohn

Author(s): Röder, A., Mittelstaedt, A.

Journal/Book: Internationale Zeitschrift für die gesamte Heilkunde. 1985; 1076-1080.

Abstract: An immunomodulatory activity has been discussed for Colibiogen, a protein and bacteria free peptide extract of E. coli. In this study we examined the alterations of various immune parameters (mitogen and antigen stimulated Iymphocyte proliferation, spontaneous T-suppressor cell activity, ConA generated T-suppressor cell activity and natural killer cell activity) in nine clinically active patients with Crohn's disease who have been treated exclusively with Colibiogen for at least 16 weeks. After this treatment period there was a significant increase of selective spontaneous T-suppressor cellfunctions, parallel to a significant clinical improvement. The natural killer cell activity, which has been decreased pretherapeutically was not altered by the Colibiogen treatment, despite the clinical improvement. Thus, only those immune parameters showed an increase of their activity after Colibiogen treatment which improve anyway after achievement of clinical remission, independently how this remission has been achieved. Therefore, the increase of selective immune function observed after Colibiogen treatment seems to be due to the observed clinical improvement rather than to a direct immunostimulatory effect of the drug.

Keyword(s): Anamnestische zellvermittelte Immunantwort

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